Olarom bah Joha'mïtbin!
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From the original thousand individual Mando'a words created by Karen Traviss, Joha'miitbin has expanded this to nearly triple that amount (and is still growing!) Joha'miitbin's ongoing goal is to collect as many fanon words as possible from across the web and compile it together in a single, comprehensive resource.

The name Joha'miitbin is an original word meaning "dictionary". It comes from the canon word Joha, meaning "language" and the fanon word miit'bin, meaning "book".

These words are collected from across the internet, with one of the major sources being from Tal'Jair Rusk, which make up the basis for the Aay'han Community dialect. Another of sources is MandoCreator, which make up the basis for the Oyu'baat Community dialect. Some other sources are Izzyovercoffee, Natswash, and a handful of others over on tumblr.

To reiterate, Joha'miitbin is a fanon collection, and does not follow "pure canon" as other archives might. Several liberties have been and will continue to be made to adapt Mando'a for use in fanon contexts.

If you have some words or sources you'd like to send in, feel free to contact me on my about!

This collection is solely from an English-speaking perspective and will be presented as such, but I'm open to input and possible expansion into other languages.

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